Past Event

Martha D Lewis

Mon 11 May 2015

Lewis leads high powered, spirited top class world and jazz musicians in a 3 part show packed with an evocative nostalgic music journey which begins from shanty towns urban Athens 1910 s 'rembetika' * repertoire; leading to Vintage Europeanized Greek music years of 40 s-60 s reminiscent of the Piaf and Dietrich era; and forwards to Lewis CD release, the award nominated Homage To Roza an album of contemporary remakes of classic rebetika songs by the early Queen of Rembetika, Roza Eskenazy.

Critically acclaimed 'Homage To Roza' album is "a stimulating contribution to the margins and borders of World music leading to its own groundbreaking Nu Rembetika genre". Catch this stunning show, after a triumphant and nationally profiled debut in 2014.'Trilogy of Greek Blues' is all set to be a favorite on the UK festival circuit. *'rembetika' also known as Greek Blues, rembetika sits alongside other world blues like fado tango Chicago blues.