Past Event


Wed 3 Jun 2015

Miss Represented presents an intriguing installation and live performance, exploring Home and all it may, or may not encompass. Mixing political and social commentary with personal explorations, we investigate the challenges of being young and having to navigate through tricky systems of housing, social care & benefits - systems that can help but also hinder.What constitutes power and who should have it? Does everyone deserve a second chance? How do we manage our emotions and what does it take to reach from negative to positive thought and intention, especially when it feels like the world is judging?

This group of extraordinary young women have experienced a rollercoaster of life before reaching adulthood. Since coming together they have shared, listened and taken a collective journey to find immense courage, creating space for hope and new possibilities for the future.

With wisdom and creative innovation, see, hear and experience life through their eyes from a fresh and powerful new perspective.

Created and performed by young people, show is for adults and young people aged 13+