Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Race Cards

Thu 3 Aug 2017

One room. One thousand questions about race, each with a number.

65: Are you black, or are you ‘new black’?

440: Are you angry?

307: Why do people assume that racism will just passively die out if we wait long enough?

720: When does it all end?

In this constantly evolving installation and archive, Selina Thompson invites you to supply your own answers to the many facets of race and racism in modern society. It is a deeply thought-provoking opening to a vital conversation.

‘As a queer black woman I am often expected to educate people on race, class and gender. Enough! Time for you to think for yourself.’
You can read an interview with Selina Thompson on our News & Blog page.

There will be a Q&A with Selina Thompson on Sat 16 Dec at University of Brighton Gallery at 12pm.