Past Event

We Are The Monsters

Tue 9 Aug 2016

A humorous dance performance for children aged from 4-8 that can be enjoyed by all. Join the fantastical journey through the monster world. Curious creatures appear, disappear and play with each other, their monster arms and legs moving in strange and impossible ways.

Following the performance, the children will be invited to ‘meet the monsters’ – a short post-show interactive activity that lets children enter the stage to interact with the monsters and have their picture taken with them.

We Are The Monsters picks up and develops themes from Colette’s previous works dealing with physical transformation and metamorphosis. Her interest in monstrousness stems from an attempt to reach beyond the limitations of anthropomorphic human form to create new bodily images, physical logics and ways of moving. In We Are The Monsters Colette wants to mix the familiar with the unfamiliar and strangeness with everyday life so that things we know and recognise take on new meanings and a life of their own. 

Choreography and Concept Colette Sadler.
Performance Maxwell McCarthy, Assaf Hochman, Stuart Meyers and Naama Iytel
Music Brendan Dougherty.
Stage and Lighting Philine Rinnert. 
Photography Kalle Kukkimemi

Management Frances McMillan

Highly Visual Performance

Highly visual performances are those that are particularly enjoyable without aid of hearing.

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