Antarctica at Brighton Dome
Past Event
Talks & Debate


Fri 12 Aug 2016

Antarctica is the driest, windiest, most inhospitable place on Earth. A place synonymous with failed expedition attempts, with no artists for miles around. A place that Chris Dobrowolski decided was perfect for him.

For three and a half months Chris lived and worked at the British Antarctic Survey, trying to experiment creatively whilst (crucially) trying to survive. He discovered that sometimes it’s very difficult to work out what’s real in a land where you simply can’t believe your eyes.

Antarctica is an adventure story-PowerPoint-presentation about professional failure and real life via tales of overzealous seals, Ladybird books and a sledge built out of gold picture frames.

'What emerges – apart from some of the most surreal holiday snaps you’ll ever see – is a multifaceted work that interrogates the nature and purpose of art at the same time as embracing the all-sorts it takes to make a world.... charmingly, optimistically and heartwarmingly - Dobrowolski brings a shared humanity to the fore.' Culture Wars

'This is one of the best shows I have ever seen in a theatre – and it isn't really a show... It's like someone showing you their holiday snaps - except this time you actually want to stay.' Colchester Gazette on All Roads Lead to Rome