Covid Status FAQs

Why are you asking for Covid status when people who are vaccinated or take a negative Lateral Flow Test might still have COVID-19? 

Our events are now taking place at full capacity and we are taking steps to minimise crowding where this is practically possible. However, there will be times when our audience are close to others in the audience, sometimes without face coverings.

Although lateral flow tests will not detect 100% of cases they will detect many cases when the person is most infectious. Research also tells us that vaccination for COVID-19 reduces the chances that a person will catch and transmit the virus.

Even with asking for proof of Covid status, we cannot guarantee that there are not people with the virus at the event. However, these measures help to minimise the risks making the event safer for the audience, our staff (who are meeting lots of people at each event) and for our artists. The scheme was developed during the Events Research Programme run by the Government and has been included in new Guidance produced for events. The scheme is also encouraged by the local authority.

Does every event require proof of status?

Yes, with the exception of a very small number of uncrowded, low capacity activities using our foyer only. If you don’t have Covid status and want to check if it will be required, please contact the Ticket Office by calling 01273 709709 or by emailing

Will I be allowed in if I haven't been vaccinated?

Yes, provided you can show one of the other proofs of status. Unless there is a change to the Government’s guidance that means our venue can no longer accept negative lateral flow test results, we are very happy to be shown proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within 48hrs of your arrival. Please ensure you upload your test results to or telephone 119 to do this. We are keeping government guidance and the venue’s risk assessment under continuous review and will update our website and audiences if there is subsequently a change to the entry policy.

Do I have to pay to get a lateral flow test?

No. As part of the Government’s aims to detect asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 lateral flow tests are freely available and you do not have to pay for one. You can go to the Government website to order them to be sent to your home. Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests - GOV.UK ( Alternatively you can call 119 to request a pack of tests is sent to you. Many pharmacies and community sites are distributing them also.

What if I can't have either a COVID-19 test or vaccine for medical reasons?

If you have a medical reason which means you cannot be either vaccinated or tested the Government’s Covid pass scheme has been adapted to ensure you can obtain a pass to use. This is achieved by phoning 119 to ask for an NHS Covid pass medical exemptions application form and then speaking to your GP or relevant clinician to get their support. A carer can apply on your behalf. You can find details of this process on the Government’s webpage here or by phoning 119.

The domestic NHS Covid pass will look and work the same for people with medical exemptions as it will for people who are fully vaccinated. The pass won’t tell us that you have an exemption.

If you have not yet arranged your Covid pass exemption please contact at least 7 days in advance of the event to discuss this.

Can I bring a negative lateral flow test kit to show staff my result?

Please do not bring negative LFT kits to show our staff. You need to upload your result to the website who will send you confirmation email or text to show to our staff. If you are using the NHS app it will record your negative LFT and generate a Covid pass to present on your smartphone. Report your test here 

Learn more about the Covid pass app here 

How can I show proof of a test if I don't have a smartphone?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone. If you use a computer you can upload your result to the website. This will prompt you to be able to print out a covid pass, receive an email to print out or receive a text message to show staff.

If you don’t use a computer but do have a mobile phone that can receive text messages you can call 119 to report your result and receive a text message to show our staff.

How can I show proof of vaccination if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you use a computer you can use the NHS website to download a certificate of vaccination and bring this along or, if you don’t use a computer very much, you can have a paper version sent to you in the post by telephoning to request this on 119. It may take 5 days to get a letter in the post. Please contact or call 01273 261525 / 541 if you would like any help with Covid status requirements or have any questions.

Will children under 18 need to show a negative test?

Occasionally promoters are setting requirements for Covid status for under 18’s but Brighton Dome’s usual policy is that under 18’s will not need status but adults responsible for them will need to assure staff on arrival that the children in the party are not experiencing any symptoms. 16 and 17 year olds can tell us this themselves. Please contact us with queries ahead of the event.

Will I be allowed in if I forget about bringing my proof of Covid status?

Coming prepared with your Covid status proof is a condition of entry and we may not be able to admit you. If something goes wrong and you forget your proof please tell our staff on arrival what’s happened and we will try to help you.

Can I get a refund if I can’t or don't want to show staff my Covid status?

You will not be eligible for a refund if unable or unwilling to show your Covid Status. For fully booked events we will try to re sell your ticket(s) for you. Contact our Ticket Office on