Covid 19 - Keeping you Safe: Your Questions Answered

(Correct as at Friday 1 April 2022)

Brighton Dome has been working over the pandemic to deliver events when safely possible to do so and we are continuing to adapt our Covid-19 safety measures as changes to circumstances and guidance arises. Despite the ending of legal restrictions on 24th February these continuing measures are in place to help keep our staff, audience and artists as safe as possible and to help minimise disruption to events

Can I come to the event if I’m feeling unwell?

Although the legal requirement to self isolate is ending on 24th February it remains the case that people should self isolate when they are unwell with Covid-19 and try to minimise the chance of passing on Covid-19 to other people who could become seriously ill or pass it on to someone who would.

Please stay away from the venue if you have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19. You can find up to date information about Covid-19 from the NHS here

If you are unwell you can contact our Ticket Office or see our booking page for more information.

What is the ventilation like at the venue?

The auditorium is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system which serves fresh, filtered air and does not recirculate it. There are CO2 monitors built into the system. The foyer space is naturally ventilated. It may feel cooler or hotter than we would usually expect, so please come prepared.

Should I wear a face covering?

Despite the ending of legal requirements, wearing face coverings in crowded or enclosed places is still recommended by scientific advisors as case rates are high. Face coverings reduce the amount of aerosols and droplets being released. Our staff will be wearing face coverings and we encourage the public to do so also, particularly when not eating and drinking. We recognise that children under 11 years and those with medical reason will not be wearing a mask. If you had a mask exemption and would like this to be identifiable we recognise the sunflower lanyard scheme or we can provide you with a mask exemption badge if you want one. If you are wearing a face covering to act as protection from Covid-19 for yourself, snug fitting FFP2/N95 masks offer a better protection to the wearer than cloth or surgical masks can.

Do I need to show Covid status?

The Government is ending the Covid pass scheme for events in the near future and evidence of vaccination or a recent negative test is no longer required.

We are very grateful to everyone who takes a lateral flow test before attending an event at Brighton Dome. Doing so reduces the chance that you may unknowingly come to the venue with Covid-19 and pass it on to someone vulnerable or someone who contacts with vulnerable people.

Do I need to socially distance?

No, but we do request that you give a bit of space to others where you can and keep your distance from our staff as much as possible. We are managing large audiences every night and want to keep our staff as safe as possible.

Brighton Dome is often hired by promoters for events and do not control the seats. However, where it is possible, we’ll keep a small amount of seating for people who want to remain socially distanced for a while. Please contact the Ticket Office on 01273 709709 or to find out if an event you are interested in is offering this or if there are specific measures we can offer help with as a clinically extremely vulnerable person.

What will the auditorium feel like?

Events are sold at our full seating or standing capacity, meaning you will have people directly next to you as before the pandemic unless specifically arranged with our Ticket Office.

Hygiene & cleaning at the venue

We all need to follow common sense measures, washing our hands or using the hand sanitiser provided at the venue regularly and catching any coughs and sneezes in a tissue or the crook of your arm.

In addition to the daily cleaning, the toilets and high touch points such as lift buttons and bannisters around the venue are regularly sanitised whilst we are open. We also clean thoroughly between each audience attending an event.

Is it safe for me to come to events?

Despite the success of the vaccination programme and the development of treatments it is an individual decision whether it feels right for you to attend events at the moment and everyone has their own circumstances to consider.

We’ve tried throughout the pandemic to think about those more vulnerable to serious illness as a result of Covid-19 and want to encourage our whole audience to take the steps they can to make the event as safe as possible so that no one need feel excluded.

If you or a member of your party are concerned about coming to an event we will be happy to talk to you about your circumstances and consider any measures we are able to implement at that event to help support you to enjoy attending. This might for example include separate entry or looking at the circumstances with your seats in the auditorium. Anyone can contact Access on or call 01273 261 541 or Tickets on or call 01273 709 709 to discuss how we can make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. Disabled visitors are encouraged also to join our Access Scheme.

Are things going to change before my event?

The Government have now announced the removal of restrictions however guidance continues to develop and we also need to be prepared for changes occurring within the pandemic such as new variants or waves of infection.

We need to adapt our procedures and (if required to) our entry requirements in line with this. This means that event information is subject to last minute changes so we would advise that you check this page prior to visiting the venue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19 you will automatically receive a refund. See our refunds policy here.