Covid 19 - Keeping you Safe: Your Questions Answered

(Correct as at Wed 10 November)

Following the changes to social distancing regulations for indoor events, we are delighted to have welcomed full capacity audiences back to our venues since September 2021.

Having previously been open for socially distanced events in Brighton Dome, we have now adapted our COVID-19 safety measures and are asking our audiences to follow these procedures so that we can continue to keep everyone as safe as possible. We realise that some of you may have personal concerns about attending live indoor events again so we hope these FAQs will help answer any questions you may have.

Is it safe for me to come to events?

It is an individual decision whether it feels right for you to attend events at the moment and everyone has their own circumstances to consider.

We’d encourage you to read through our guidance and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact our ticket office or access line here.

Are things going to change before my event?

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change, and the UK Government consider the mitigations necessary this Winter, we need to adapt our procedures and (if required to) our entry requirements in line with this. This means that event information is subject to last minute changes so we would advise that you check this page prior to visiting the venue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work really hard to safely bring events back again.

If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19 you will automatically receive a refund. See our refunds policy here.

What should I do if I am feeling unwell?

Do not take a risk with other people’s safety by attending the venue when you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self isolate. 

If you’re at an event and become unwell, please come to the Foyer and tell our Front of House staff who will be able to assist you.

What happens when I arrive at the venue?

Ticket holders will need to come prepared with evidence of their COVID-19 Status as a condition of entry. There are lots of ways to prove your status, and not all require use of a smartphone. Please see details of the evidence our staff will be able to accept currently here.

At our seated events to keep crowding at the entrance and in the foyer to a minimum, we’ll contact you by email in advance with the window in which we would like you to arrive. Please try to arrive within this window’ so we can ensure you don’t miss the start of the performance. It may take us a little longer to manage the audience entering so please bear with us if there is a queue.

The venue’s NHS Test and Trace QR codes will be available on entry and we also have contact records of ticket bookers on our Ticket Office system, should they be requested by NHS Test and Trace.

We are now issuing e-tickets across all of our events, please be ready to show them on your smartphone or printed out with your code visible to our staff for your admission.

Will there be a cloakroom?

We aren’t currently operating a cloakroom so please bring as few personal belongings as possible. Bags sized A3 or over are not permitted inside the venue

There are more staff on duty than usual to help to reduce crowding and to help make the event safe and enjoyable.

Are face coverings or masks required to be worn?

Our staff will continue to wear face coverings, unless they are exempt.

It is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering in venues, however it is still expected by the Government that face coverings are worn in crowded settings when mixing with people you don’t usually meet. Although we will not enforce the wearing of masks, we are strongly encouraging our audience to continue to wear these to reduce risks at the event and we really appreciate everyone who feels able to continue to do this. This is especially important to us whenever you are speaking to our staff and when in the foyer bar, toilets or when leaving or taking your seats. Thank you in advance.

Do I need to socially distance?

No, but we do request that you keep your distance from our staff as much as possible. We are managing large audiences every night and want to keep our staff safe.

Please also try to leave a bit of space around others where you can (eg in queues for toilets and bars or on arrival). Lots of the audience will be returning to live events for the first time and everyone is at a different point feeling comfortable being in crowds.

Where it is possible, we’ll keep a small amount of seating for people who want to remain socially distanced for a while. Please contact the Ticket Office on 01273 709709 or to find out if an event you are interested in is offering this.

What will the auditorium feel like?

Most events are sold at our full seating or standing capacity, meaning you will have people directly next to you as before the pandemic.

Where events are not already sold out, and it has been possible to agree this with individual promoters, some seating has been held back to allow us to offer more space in these designated areas. When in these designated areas there is at least a metre between you and others in their seats and you won’t have anyone sitting directly to your side or directly in front of you. Please call the Ticket Office on 01273 709709 or email to enquire and to book these socially distanced areas of the auditorium.

Anyone with specific access requirements are encouraged to contact us to discuss these before attending an event by calling 01273 261525 / 541 or email

At our standing events there will be dancing permitted in front of the stage as before. Our standing format includes allocated seats upstairs. You can choose to stand in the general admission area or take a seat in the unreserved seating at the back if you prefer.

Will there be an interval?

Some events will have intervals. These may sometimes be longer in duration than usual to reduce crowding in the foyer and toilets. We’d also like to encourage the audience to return to their seats as soon as possible as there isn’t enough space for everyone to comfortably spend the interval period in the bar. We won’t have as much seating available in the foyer at the moment, as we want to give as much opportunity for people to keep distance as possible.

Can I get a drink?

The bar will be open at events however we strongly encourage you to pre-order your drinks in advance  or again during the event. You will be sent information on how to do this prior to the event and pre-ordering opens 7 days in advance. Your drinks will then be ready for you to collect from designated points in the venue. We are not currently taking any cash on our bars.

Can I buy merchandise?

Some events will offer merchandise for pre-sale online, by collection or occasionally in person. Check with staff on arrival whether merchandise is on sale at the venue during the event.

Can I meet my friends who are also at the event?

Although it is now possible to meet people outside of your household we don’t have a lot of space in the foyer and so we’d encourage you to take your seats as soon as possible on arrival and be in these as much as possible as the foyers may feel busy before the show and during the interval.

Is there a maximum group size now?

There are no legal limits or COVID-19 venue policies in place to restrict your group number.

What happens at the end of the show?

To reduce crowding on exit and on the pavement the audience seated in the circle will be offered an alternative exit to those downstairs. Please follow the directions given by the Front of House staff at that time and throughout the event.

Please be patient and leave the auditorium gradually and move away from the pavements around the venue as soon as possible to avoid crowding the exits.

What is the ventilation like at the venue?

The auditorium is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system which serves fresh, filtered air and does not recirculate it. There are CO2 monitors built into the system. The foyer space is naturally ventilated. It may feel cooler than we would usually expect, so please come prepared when the weather is cold.

Hygiene & cleaning at the venue

We have clean toilets for washing your hands, please do this for at least 20 seconds after using our facilities and use the hand sanitiser placed at the entrance and around the venue regularly.  

Please catch any coughs or sneezes in a tissue or in the crook of your arm.

In addition to the daily cleaning, the toilets and high touch points such as lift buttons and bannisters around the venue are regularly sanitised whilst we are open. We also clean thoroughly between each audience attending an event.

What testing for COVID-19 is happening?

It’s quick and easy for any audience member to order lateral flow tests online or collect them from pharmacies then report the results online. We encourage everyone to get tested regularly.

Don’t forget that if you are not fully vaccinated 14 days ahead of the event and able to show your Covid Pass or proof of vaccination letter from the NHS that you will need to get a lateral flow test and report this so you can demonstrate your status to staff.

Brighton Dome offers lateral flow testing to all our staff and artists.

What are the rules of the Covid Status Scheme?

Please see our detailed Covid Status FAQs here

What about vaccination?

Brighton Dome encourages our audience to take up the offer of vaccination as soon as this is made. We have a staff vaccination policy and safety measures in place to consider anyone who is not fully vaccinated.

What measures are in place for disabled visitors?

The needs and the welfare of our audiences who have a physical or hidden disability are important to us and we operate an Access Scheme to help us to understand our audience’s needs, to help with booking and prepare for your visit. Find out how you can join here

Although we are still encouraging face coverings, we understand that some people are exempt. It is not necessary but if you would like to be identified as being exempt our access helpline can arrange an exemption badge to be worn to show other audience members.

We also operate the sunflower lanyard invisible disabilities scheme.

We have clear face coverings available to our staff who are assisting lip readers. Please tell the access line if you would find it difficult for staff to use a face covering. We run a badge scheme to identify you to staff if you would like to use this.

Early or alternative entrance to the venue can be arranged if this would help you to attend.

We can give access to a quiet space at each event.

We have handheld temperature guns if the temperature check screen is inaccessible.

Wherever possible we are arranging for some socially distanced areas of the auditorium to be available where there is a minimum of 1m distance from other audience members.

Our Access Helpline will be very happy to help with any questions about our safety measures and assist you in any way we can to make your visit comfortable.

To book tickets (and reserve hearing assistance units) contact 01273 709709. If you have a specific access enquiry, contact Visitor Services 01273 261525 / 541 or email