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The Works

'Coming from a classical/ free-improv/experimental music background, presenting at The Works was an incredibly illuminating and invaluable experience for me and for the development of my creative practice. I cannot think of a better environment in which to test and challenge one's artistic ideas.' Elaine Mitchener – Industrialising Intimacy

The Works is an opportunity for artists to present their work in development on Fri 30 Sep 2016. The particular focus is cross art-form and interdisciplinary exploration across theatre, dance and music.

At the heart of The Works is a dialogue between artists and audiences. It is an opportunity for artists to seek the opinions of the audience they wish to attract, and an opportunity for people who care about performance to engage in collective dramaturgy, supporting artists to envisage the choices and possibilities available to them.

Works featured: 

A&E Comedy, Enter the Dragons - Theatre/ Movement/ Puppetry

Enter The Dragons focuses on the subject of female aging, examining the fears and societal pressures which surround women as they pass fifty. Drawing on the classic mythological quest structure, the piece will reclaim this archetypal Hero’s Journey and reframe it from the perspective of the mature woman. Banished from the land of the young, and beset by challenges, riddles and obstacles, our Protagonist must find her way, guided by mystical creatures and Seers who have gone before. What wisdom can they impart? How can she best equip herself to defeat the demons? How will she triumph? Expect stupid characters, ridiculous costumes, puppetry, buffoonery and many, many wigs.

Written and performed by Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards. Directed by Will Kerley. Comedy Direction by Toby Park, Designed by Lucy Bradridge. 

Tim Casson & Seb Lee-Delisle, Choreocracy - Dance/ Digital

Dance Artist Tim Casson and Digital Artist Seb Lee-Delisle, present their first collaboration: CHOREOCRACY: The fun interactive dance show that puts the audience in control of the performance.

Seb and Tim will be your guides through the show, and using innovative mobile technology, will give you control over the three highly-skilled dance performers in real-time - with no experience of dance required.

Find out what happens when they ask the public what would make a good show, decide what you do or don’t want to see, and have your say about what the dancers do next: as we explore whether a dance performance can be truly democratic.

Please note: in order to get the most from the show, audience members should bring fully charged smartphones or tablets.

Laura Murphy, No Performance IV - Circus/Performance.

Laura Murphy, Bristol based aerial artist will be presenting an excerpt of current work-in- progress entitled No Performance IV. No Performance IV is an extension of her individual role, in an existing performative triptych, No Performance III, which was directed by Terry O’Connor (Forced Entertainment), and performed and written by Laura Murphy.

In addition to aerial rope, and further textual and physical investigations into the word ‘No’ in relation to the social, political and personal colonization of the female body. The work explores how the (female) body is able to explode, both physically and verbally, out of social constraints and expectations. The performance material that Laura is proposing to present at The Works, will feature experiments in rhythm using ground based choreography, live spoken text and two short aerial sequences within which she has explored the process of distorting and exploding out of the body.

Previous participants of The Works:

'The Works provided a fantastic and very useful platform for Near Gone- our current work- at a crucial time in its development. We felt very well supported and we left full of intelligent comments, positivity and the audience seemed to leave hungry for the fully completed piece - so we look forward to meeting them again!' Two Destination Language – Near Gone

'Participating in The Works at Brighton Dome was a full on feedback experience. I could show my work, gather individual feedback and initiate an in depth discussion with the audience in a group session. Many details came up about my work which helped me fine tuning my next developments. People came to the event full of interest, enthusiastically and generously giving their time and thoughts to help me analyse my work. I am impressed.' Tommaso Perego - I Hear U See Me

'The Works is a well-conceived, well supported and well framed event that allows the artist invaluable technical opportunity, space and time to meet an audience head-on. There is no substitute to gaining a deeper understanding of one’s practice. Flexing the performance muscle to an outside eye is critical to ongoing developments in the making process. Being present for a chaired post presentation critical commentary on the work was both a luxurious opportunity and a necessity.' Liz Aggiss – The English Channel

Fri 30 Sep, 7.30pm
FREE but ticketed

There is a £2 per order charge. Additional postage charges (50p standard or £1.50 recorded delivery) apply