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The Blindboy Podcast LIVE

Sun 28 Apr 2024
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Award-winning storytelling podcast in the Irish tradition of the Seanchaí

Experience The Blindboy Podcast LIVE with polymath, best-selling author, screenwriter, songwriter, musician, producer and academic Blindboy Boatclub.

Described as a 'cultural phenomenon' by The New York Times, The Blindboy Podcast is an award-winning storytelling podcast in the Irish tradition of the Seanchaí, which seamlessly intertwines history, fiction, cultural critique and politics into a relaxing form the creator calls 'the podcast hug'.

Drawing on his knowledge and chronic curiosity to democratise topics such as art, psychology, politics, science and music, for these LIVE and exclusive events, Blindboy will offer the audience a unique and humorous insight into issues which are considered to be complex.

The Blindboy Podcast is the creative summation of Blindboy’s experience, exceeding 60 million global listeners. From Toronto to London, Sydney to Galway, Blindboy’s live podcasts are consistently sold-out affairs where he captivates his audiences in a hushed, intimate atmosphere. Like Blindboy himself, these events are truly unique.

With a surprise special guest at every show, these meditative evenings will seek to replicate a private conversation in a public space through the language of theatre. In equal parts spontaneously endearing and refreshingly engaging, undoubtably there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Do not miss it!

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