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Past Event

A Brighton Dome project

Miss Represented

Can You See Me Now?

‘I wish I could delete everything, but I know I’d be lonely’

Everyone thinks they know what’s best for you – from the endless professionals to social media. Follow the experiences of often unheard young women finding their way through life - stone stepping through ‘controlled care’, confusing expectations, raging histories, lies, love and recovery. Explore your inner and outer worlds: what we share, what we hold inside, the different roles we play in life, how we know ourselves and how we are perceived.

Daughter, Sister, Mother, Looked-After-Child, Claimant, Inspiration.

Meet Miss Represented and see the world through their eyes with this thought-provoking, uniquely insightful, multi–artform show full of hope and truth.

Miss Represented are taking Can You See Me Now? on tour, to Brighton and beyond. Find out more on our blog.

A Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival project working with young women who face challenging life situations and using the arts to explore life experiences to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around us. Discover more about Miss Represented

Fri 24 & Sat 25 Nov, 7.30pm
Pay what you choose on the night, but please book in advance*

*There is a £2.50 per order charge for all phone and online bookings (not applicable to Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival members). Plus: 60p standard post, £1.75 signed for mail.