Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence with Improbable

Still No Idea

‘Pin sharp, provocative and hugely entertaining’ The Times on No Idea

When best mates Lisa and Rachael made their first show together they hit the streets and asked the public for ideas. Seeing Lisa in a wheelchair and Rachael not, the public’s reaction was funny, jawdropping and ultimately heartbreaking. They made a show about it called No Idea

Ten years on and there are more disabled people in the mainstream media, Lisa landed a big part on TV and disabled mates are getting regular auditions - happy days. So what kind of exciting stories are the TV professionals dreaming up for them?

Part verbatim theatre, part improv, part comedy sketch show, this is a raucous and mischievous exposé of good intentions gone bad.

Fri 28 Sep, 7.30pm & Sat 29 Sep, 2pm
£15, £10 concessions (incl. under 26s)*