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Past Event

Josie Long: Tender

Three time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Josie Long is back with her most critically-acclaimed show to date

After a brief hiatus, during which she had a baby, started bringing the baby up, and found herself in the middle of a global pandemic with quite a few questions.

How do you bring someone into a world which people kept telling you was ending even before 2020 happened, and where our day-to-day reality is now baffling enough for an adult, let alone a baby? This show is about the mind-bending intensity of new motherhood (in, and out of, a pandemic) - but mostly about kindness, gentleness, and joy. The aim, even though it sounds like a big ask, is for you to come out of it feeling optimistic for the future. At the very least, there are some funny voices in it, and that's not nothing.

Tue 25 May, 8pm
From £17.50