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Past Event

Comedy 4 Kids Workshops

Since 2005, Comedy Club 4 Kids has been running comedy workshops for children, aged 8+, in schools, theatres and at festivals. Our teachers are CRB checked comics and stage professionals, who teach the kids how to write and perform comedy, finding the funny in their own experiences and turning it into stand-up and sketches. Participants learn to stand tall in the armour of self-confidence; to be comfortable on the stage, and in themselves. We can give bullied kids something to be proud of, draw out the quiet ones, calm down the noisy ones, and show them all how to shine. 

Sat 12 Feb & Wed 13 Apr, 1–3pm | Ages 8–10
Sat 19 Feb & Thu 14 Apr, 1–3pm | Ages 11+
£15 per child