Past Events

Past Event

London Symphony Orchestra

Marta Gardolińska (conductor) & Gareth Davies (flute)

Lili Boulanger D’un matin du printemps

Marc-Andre Dalbavie Concerto for Flute

Tchaikovsky Symphony No 4 in F minor Op.36

Silvestrov Prayer for Ukraine

The orchestra shouts, and a solo flute turns dizzying cartwheels. Savage fanfares sound: and Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony plunges into a life-or-death struggle with the force he called ‘Fate’. And in another world, a young genius distils the vitality of a spring morning into music that glistens like dew. If this concert sounds colourful, that’s because it is. The luminous optimism of the young Lili Boulanger is poles apart from the raw passion and white-hot melodies of Tchaikovsky’s semi-autobiographical symphony, but guest conductor Marta Gardolińska will make them both spring vividly to life – just as the LSO’s Principal Flute Gareth Davies will bring out all the dazzle and daring of Dalbavie’s 21st-century classic.

Thu 19 May, 7.30pm
£10, £18.50, £22.50, £27.50, £32.50
Under 26's £25
Festival Standby £10