Past Events

Past Event

Brighton Dome and Windmill Young Actors co-present

Youth Takeover Day

Stone Soup: 1.30 - 3pm, Concert Hall

Stone Soup is a tale in which some hungry strangers with nothing but a stone in their pocket, convince the people to each add one ingredient to the pot to make a soup that everyone can share together. With tales from around the world, 80 performers age 6- 11 retell different stories of food and sharing.

A Midsummer Night at Dreams: 5.30 - 6.45pm The Founders Room

Shakespeare's classic comedy set in a modern cocktail bar!

Come and spend the evening celebrating the engagement of Theseus and Hippolyta whilst being served by the wonderful staff of Dreams; follow the tempestuous relationship of top music producers Titania and Oberon as they argue over their next musical protégé; be entertained by the antics of the local amdram group The Mechanicals; and watch as relationships become complicated between young love.

Brown: 7.30 - 8.30 pm, Concert Hall

“Someone is knocking at the door. It is still early. Too early. I’m scared.” You are living a fine life, enjoying the sunshine with your friends and family, when, all too quickly things start to change …

‘Brown’ is a short story by the French writer, Franck Pavloff. The story is a satire, written in 1998, as a warning about the dangers of fascism and prejudice. It was written as a response to the rise of the far right in France under the leadership of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Our version of ‘Brown’ is inspired by this wonderful short story and includes physical theatre, puppetry and the actor’s own writing as well as the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Theodore Roethke and verbatim quotes from survivors. In this time of conflict, it is a heartfelt cry for peace in the world.

Stage Combat Show: 8.30- 8.45pm (Follows straight after Brown), Concert Hall

We are the watchers, our bequeathed task to witness; to intervene not, to interfere not. I will rise. Will you rise with me? I will rise. I will rise. I will rise.

Expect an explosion of energy and intensity with this armed stage combat performance.

Sun 17 Jul, 1pm doors
Concert Hall Day Ticket
Access to 1.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm Concert Hall performances.
£12 (£8 concs, £35 family)