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Past Event

SJM Concerts and Metropolis


Soon after touring their last album, Head First, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory reconvened at their Bristol studio, hungry to get to work on album six of their impeccable discography.

Alison Goldfrapp is in spectacularly clear voice right now. Together with Will Gregory, she has conjured dream-like scenes on new album Tales of Us, new songs told like folk stories and framed in compelling sound. This clever, thoughtful act of musical ellipsis has rarely sounded as well rendered as it does on their latest album. Don't miss the chance to witness these new songs and old favourites in what promises to be a very special show.

Sat 29 Mar 2014
Approximate timings
7pm - doors
8pm - We Were Evergreen
9pm - Goldfrapp
11pm - curfew
£20, £25, £31