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What Is This Heart?

How To Dress Well

Plus support: Nick Hakim

“This is at once my most extremely personal and most universal record yet” Krell

Since the release of his debut album ‘Love Remains’ in 2010 Tom Krell, AKA How to Dress Well, has crafted a reputation as one of America’s most original, focused and beguiling young songwriters. Merging ever surprising production choices and aesthetic detail with a sensual but sincere R&B influence and a deep, grounded emotionality, Krell has steadily established himself as one of the most influential figures in contemporary experimental pop music.

Arriving two years after the haunting, glacial neo-soul of 2012’s much-loved Total Loss, Krell's new release What Is This Heart? was conceived and written during months of grueling international touring and realised with producer Rodaidh McDonald in a Berlin studio. The result is an ambitious 21st century pop album that takes influence from artists as varied as Prince, Lou Reed, Burial and Tracy Chapman – creating and inhabiting its very own hinterland of fragility, sexuality and overwhelming joy as a result.

Listen to new song 'Repeat Pleasure