Now in its third year, this mini-season gives you more than straightforward gigs or gallery installations. We go beyond to bring you boundary-breaking audio-visual works exactly as the artists imagined. Think immersion. Think beauty. And think sheer scale.

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SeaWomen by Mikhail Karikis

SeaWomen is a video and sound installation by Mikhail Karikis focusing on a fast vanishing community of elderly female sea workers living on the North Pacific island of Jeju – a jagged patch of black volcanic rock that belongs to South Korea and floats between Japan and China.

The work was created during Karikis’s residency on the island, when he encountered a group of women called haenyeo (sea-women), now in their late 70s and 80s, who dive to great depths with no oxygen supply to find pearls and catch sea-food. This ancient female profession became the dominant economic force on the island by the 1970s, establishing a matriarchal system. Karikis’s project SeaWomen witnesses the diving women’s insistence on sustainable eco-feminist work practices operating outside the trend of industrialization.

It observes the reversal of traditional gender-roles, the women’s deep sense of community and egalitarianism, their collective economics, and their sense of professional identity, purpose, fun and independence in later age.

Watch the SeaWomen trailer 

Wed 25 Nov - Tue 1 Dec, 10am - 5pm