SPECTRUM: Interview with DITZ

Careening out of Brighton at a ferocious pace, DITZ combine feedback oddness with hardcore inspired riffs.  

When did you start writing music?
Cal, Caleb and Jack started writing music in their teenage years, although we starting writing collectively as a band in rehearsal rooms

How did you meet?
We all met at university in Brighton through mutual friends and a combined taste of similar music; Cal, Anton and Caleb started the band in 2016, whilst Jack joined early 2017 and Archie late 2017.

What track are you most proud of?
We're really proud of No Thanks, I'm Full, its the last track of the EP and its the one we enjoy most when we play it live. Its the last song of the set, we play it for as long as possible and it gives us loads of room to improvise and vibe off each other.

How would you describe your music?
ongue and cheek noise rock with hints of post-hardcore, post-punk and psych.

What are the main influences on your sound?
METZThe Jesus Lizard, Lightning BoltGirl Band, Pissed Jeans.

Have you released any albums yet? Are you signed to a label?
No albums just yet, we released our first EP a couple of years ago but we're doing another release soon to follow it up! We currently release record and release everything ourselves.

What are your plans for the near-future?
We're releasing our next single in the next couple of months, it'll be our first follow up from our debut EP (July 2016). We have a couple of other really cool shows coming up too!

What does it mean to you to perform at Brighton Dome?
Brighton Dome is a super cool venue place in itself and a landmark of Brighton, culturally and the gigging scene. All of us have seen countless shows at the dome of our favourite bands and to share the same stage is pretty cool! 

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