Sea Women at Brighton Dome

This is... earsthetic: Mikhail Karikis



An installation work which focuses on a community of female sea workers living on the North Pacific island of Jeju — a volcanic rock between South Korea, Japan and China, depicting their unique and ancient vocal practices.

They say… ‘They produce this incredible sound – very high pitched – when they emerge out of the water, which makes them sound like dolphins or birds; it’s like a signature of their community' Mikhail Karikis, The Wapping Project podcast

Brighton Dome Music Producer and earsthetic curator Laura says… ‘Mikhail is interested in taking the way that we use the human voice and completely breaking it down to go beyond the boundaries of language, to challenge it. It’s a two screen film piece with surround sound – it’ll be lovely to just come and watch it.'

The critics say… 'The film pays tribute to a dying art, since the women are all elderly and their daughters choose less hazardous occupations' The Arts Desk

Explore SeaWomen for free at earsthetic, our boundary-breaking, audio-visual mini seas, on Wed 25 Nov - Tue 1 Dec.

SeaWomen - Mikhail Karikis (promo clip) from mikhail k on Vimeo.

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