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Sussex Salon

Thu 5 Mar 2020

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of Sussex Salon this Thursday 16 April. This is due to the latest Government advice that the public should avoid contact in social spaces, including theatres. All ticket buyers will be contacted.

UK and international law and guidance show some recognition of the reasons why LGBTQI+ people flee their home countries to claim asylum in Europe, and some claimants do ultimately receive protection. However, along the way and regardless of outcome, the process of claiming asylum on LGBTQI+ grounds is often dehumanising and deprives people of their dignity.

All too often, success or failure depends on answering intrusive and demeaning questions to ‘prove’ their sexual orientation or gender identity. And those whose stories fail to resonate with culturally specific expectations are routinely refused. In this panel, people who have experience in this area as claimants, lawyers, activists and writers highlight some of the problems that need to be addressed if the right to international protection for LGBTQI+ people is to be respected.