Past Event


Mon 2 Jun 2014

Over the last two decades, Mogwai have quietly cornered the market for multi-layered post-rock cool. The band’s largely instrumental works are soundscapes in the truest sense of the word: guitar-heavy, effects-laden evocations of stark grandeur and tranquil beauty.

Now Mogwai brings its eighth album to life in an epic live event. Rave Tapes mines the same rich seams of inspiration as Mogwai’s previous releases, veering from slow-burn sonic scowls to dramatic, ecstatic electronica: with this album, Mogwai’s mastery of sound and space reaches its apex.

Familiar to a whole new audience thanks to its haunting soundtrack to the cult French television series Les Revenants (The Returned), Mogwai continues to stretch its artistic boundaries. This live performance is unmissable for anyone who likes their music original, emotive and eloquent.