Past Event

Emptyset - Emptyset A/V

Wed 17 Sep 2014

London and Berlin-based production project Emptyset - formed in 2005 by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas - will examine the physical properties of sound through electromagnetism, architecture and process-based image-making in a live event that encompasses performance, installation work and audio-visuals. 

Having previously produced installations for the likes of Tate Britain and the Architecture Foundation in London, and presented live performances at Arnolfini, Kunsthalle Zurich and Sonic Acts XIV, this special performance Emptyset A/V sees the duo seek to explore the legacy of analogue media and the boundaries between noise and music.


Madden/Dylewski - machine rhythms & turbine noise in conversation with error-born colour & form

Following on from last year's epic live AV art installation at Fabrica Gallery, an SD Card AV release on Exotic Pylon Records and their visuals and installations at Fort Process, the duo will strip things down to a straight audio/visual set up. Expect machine rhythms and noise in conversation with error born colour and form.

Supercell is a live performance project from Madden/Dylewski which continues their exploration of the concept of 'deleting audio-visual hierarchies'. Incorporating the extreme noise of binaural field recordings taken at working power stations with heavily processed electromagnetic signals and the sonic aesthetics of minimal techno combined with intense and reactive projected visuals, originated from self-authored error based software to form a singular audio-visual language.

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Part of earsthetic - a week of audio-visual events and installations

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