Past Event
Literature, Poetry & Spoken Word

The R.A.P Party (Rhythm And Poetry)

Tue 8 Aug 2017

The R.A.P Party is a poetry infused nostalgic house party curated by Inua Ellams.

Come chill at Brighton Dome, for this special event, with cabaret-style seating. Poets read poems inspired by any aspect of hip hop culture, and the DJ plays some of their favourite hip hop songs. Expect a nostalgic, no clutter, no-fuss, straight-up evening of hip-hop inspired poems and favourite hip-hop songs.

'The seed for The R.A.P Party was probably sown in a conversation with poet-friends who would lace poems with hip-hop references so subtle, only true fans would really notice. The format is super simple: a poet reads a poem/piece/prose inspired by any aspect of hip hop culture, and the DJ plays two of the writer's favourite songs. 'Inspired' is to be taken liberally, but there must be a clear link. The event tends to feel more like a house party than a poetry gig, where a few of the egotistical guests get up to make eloquent speeches. It is so simple an idea, but it works beautifully. We have held RAP Parties in bookshops, theatre spaces and clubs.' Inua Ellams


Jemima Foxtrot, Keith Jarrett, Kat's Head, Michael James Parker, Bridget Minamore, Spliff Richard, Sea Sharp, Tommy Sissons, Theresa Lola and Inua Ellams with DJ Sid Mercutio

Inua Ellams is an internationally touring poet, playwright, performer, graphic artist & designer. He was recently awarded the Liberty Human Rights Award for his one-man show, 'An Evening with an Immigrant' in 2017.