Past Events

Past Event


in partnership with Apples and Snakes

Headliner: Zena Edwards
Poet in Residence: Seb Causton
Music: Isle of CC
Hosted by Rosy Carrick

Brighton’s new spoken word showcase featuring top UK artists, local musicians, a ‘poet in residence’, poetry film and an open mic. 

And a twist - each Trope has a theme, so we can tackle the nitty-gritty of life from all angles, and this month we’re tackling LOVE.

What is it? Why do we need it? What would we be without it? All of the performers will be asked to share work interpreting the theme and will generate enough wattage to jump start your brains and light up your hearts.

To take part in open mic section you can email artisticplanning@brightondome.org in advance or sign up on the night if there are spaces. Maximum length of each piece is three minutes.

Fri 19 Oct, 7.30pm
£6.50 (£3 open mic concession)*