Past Events

Past Event

Racheal Ofori


A frank, funny and provactive look at the trials and tribulations of modern life, seen through the eyes of a young black woman. 

Candid and satirical, this one-woman show uses music, poetry and dance to challenge cultural stereotypes, explore identity and role models, and ask the critical question: just how do you navigate today’s world? An exciting debut solo show from writer, performer and rising talent Racheal Ofori, inspired by her own experiences.

There is a workshop for women aged 16 – 25 exploring the themes of the show. Contact hilary.cooke@brightondome.org

The workshop will explore the issues of racial identity, gender and stereotyping raised in Portrait while also introducing participants to movement and acting skills. No previous performance experience necessary.

Wed 7 Oct, 7.30pm
£12 (£10 concessions)

There is a £2 per order charge. Additional postage charges (50p or £1.50) apply