Photos: Magnificent glass roof sheds new light on redevelopment project

Our brand new spaces are really starting to come together. Glass for the skylight is now installed, so you can begin to picture the new Gallery Bar, looking in to the venue through grand Corn Exchange windows, and the Creative Space above which will provide bright, natural light.

"I was impressed with how well the contrast of the modern and functional structure works with the delicate tracery of the original windows and the old brick walls." Carlotta Luke, Photographer

The Corn Exchange roof timbers have been completely stripped of paint, with these heritage features continuing to be repaired and restored. Meanwhile new features are being added, including a balcony at the north end of the venue which will have improved seating, and support the new retractable seating.

"The old wood of the ceiling adds so much to the beauty of the space below." Carlotta Luke, Photographer

There are also new doorways leading into the Corn Exchange to provide better access throughout the venues and new spaces.

In the Studio Theatre, steel foundations for the back and side balconies are in place, which will eventually provide new and improved seating. Work continues on the restoration of the Studio Theatre windows.

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Photography by Carlotta Luke