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Take 5 with the Two Mr Ps

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This month, Two Mr Ps in a Podcast hosts Lee Parkinson (Mr P) and his brother Adam join us to tell embarrassing and downright hilarious stories from teachers all over the UK live on stage.

The Show and Tell Tour is for school staff, parents and anyone who enjoys taking a nostalgic trip back to their school days. An extension of the UK’s most popular education podcast, it will feature Lee and Adam’s funniest tales from inside the classroom and some of their listeners’ juiciest confessions. Audience members are also strongly encouraged to share their most entertaining school stories!

We spoke to Lee and Adam to find out more…

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1. Tell us about yourselves. Why do you like working in education?

Lee: I have been a primary school teacher for over 15 years. There's something very special about seeing children develop, and the fact that children are the most unintentional comedians on the planet brings so many moments of hilarity.

Adam: I have worked in schools as a teaching assistant for ten years. I absolutely adore working with children and helping them realise their potential. School days can be the best days of your life, I just try my best to make sure the children leave with amazing memories.

2. How did Two Mr Ps in a Podcast start?

Lee: We had a family holiday 5 years ago where we sat around sharing funny stories from working in school. I was an avid listener of podcasts with all the driving I do, so thought it could be fun to record ourselves sharing our funny stories. Five years later, here we are… it has been an amazing journey.

Adam: To be honest, when Lee first asked me, I wasn't even sure what a podcast was! Due to Lee's massive following online, we had a ready-made audience for the podcast which has grown, especially through the pandemic. The podcast provided a safe space for lots of teachers.

3. Why do you think last year’s tour was so popular?

Adam: The reason the first tour worked so well was just how bang up for a laugh our audience were. The reaction we got from every crowd was absolutely mind-blowing. I think the bar staff were kept busy as most of our audience were taking the show as an opportunity to let their hair down and have a drink. This just added to the electric atmosphere every time we stepped out!

4. Many of your audience aren't teachers. Why do you think they enjoy your live shows?

Lee: Even though school has changed a lot there are so many things that are still relatable. We all remember belting out those assembly bangers in the hall, which I'm convinced is why festivals are elite in the UK!

Plus, we relate to the struggles of parenting as well. Our new book has a whole chapter on ‘Show and Tell’ as there were so many examples of the hilarious and rude things pupils bring in from home. Parents will learn a lot from that, especially the fact that their children will never keep a secret…

5. You’ve described this tour as the ‘ultimate show and tell’. Why’s that?

Lee: The anonymity of the confessions means we get some belters on the podcast. One of our favourites was when a teacher went on a night out, hooked up with a guy and went back to his… and was greeted by the guy's father, who turned out to be her headteacher!

We want to make this new show even more interactive. With stories shared by the audience each night, every show will be unique. We've made sure to keep some of the most awkward and cringe-worthy stories to one side for this show!

Adam: It will be the Two Mr Ps doing what they do best - having an absolute giggle. It's a brand-new show and it certainly won’t be one to be missed!


Don’t miss Two Mr Ps in a Podcast Live on Mon 23 Oct, 7.30pm. Book your tickets now!

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