Marking reopening week with more shots of our new spaces

31 Oct 2023

We’re thrilled to share some as-yet-unseen parts of our refurbished Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre. Our first live performance back in the renewed spaces is approaching on 1 Nov and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

All photography by Andy Stagg

Outside shot of new Redroaster restaurant on the side of the Corn Exchange in partnership with Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival. The building is the classic Corn Exchange and Brighton Dome sand-coloured brick with Redroaster etched above the doorway. There are pale-green glass barriers and plant holders surrounding the outside-seating area. People are mingling outside.

Pre and post-show dining just got a lot grander with the stunning new restaurant from our partner, Redroaster.

Side view of the new horse sculpture in the Corn Exchange. Photo is taken looking through a large window on the first floor, with a complete side-view of the sculpture. It is completely gold apart from the hooves and just above the hooves that have a white dipped-in-paint look. Another large ornate window is visible in the background that leads into the Corn Exchange. Next to this window along the brick wall we can see the interactive timeline of the history of the stables and Corn Exchange.

Take a look at our incredible new sculpture of the Prince Regent’s trusty steed at eye-level.

View of the corridor leading into the Corn Exchange. The tall ceiling and walls are painted white. Right at the top of, the four corners of the ceiling meet each other in the middle with arched architecture. There are symmetrical round windows to the left and right of the main. extremely large arched, black paneled window that shows a view into the Corn Exchange and symmetrical ornate window opposite it on the other side of the venue. underneath the side windows in the corridor are symmetrically placed doors and hand rails that lead down steps into the venue, we can see the stage curtain and hall floor through the doors. In the foreground, the corridor floor is a warm grey.

Enjoy spacious ceilings and wide-open spaces even before you step inside the Corn Exchange.

Two people walk across the Corn Exchange floor towards the three large, ornate windows at the end of the space (the largest is in the middle with two slightly smaller windows either side). We can see the room to-scale and how big the venue is. The floor, wall and ceiling is completely panelled with light-brown wood. Underneath the two smaller windows are exit doors. There is a black lighting rig suspended from the ceiling.

To scale... picture-perfect potential for a huge range of events. 

The Festival Bar is on the left-hand-side of the photo and runs along the wall. The orange and yellow graphics run across the bar-front and 60s flowery wallpaper either side if it. A Brighton Dome branded 'D' sits to the left of the bar on the wall. The ceiling of the rest of the room is panelled in light brown wood and there are three pillars either side of the room supporting the ceiling. These pillars are painted the same warm-brown as the background of the bar-front. The floor is tiled in sleek beige tiling. At the end of the long room/ guest-space we can see the staircase leading to the next floor.

The Festival Bar – echoes of the past presented in our future. 

Corner diagonal view of the Studio Theatre from the balcony seating. There is a black light rig suspended from the ceiling, the white ceiling directly above it is indented slightly and patterned in a cross-hatch. A sleek dark wooden barrier runs along the front of the balcony seating. The view of the stage beneath is dark and the stage floor is also dark wood. The space is lit with natural light coming through windows that are out-of-shot from the left of the photo.

Reaching new heights in the Studio Theatre with the refurbished balcony seating. 

Wecome are of the Corn Exchage. There is a light wooden reception desk to the right with Brighton Dome branding on the white wall behind it. On the welcome desk there is a computer screen and seat behind the counter. The white ceiling has two white beams running across it and warm lighting in between the beams. The floor is carpeted in a warm grey. There is a door leading out if the welcome area at the back of the photo and we can see the lift across the floor of the next room.

The same warm welcome with a sleek new look. 

View of a new staircase leading to the first floor. The staircase itself is a light wood with black detailing at the edges of the steps. Sleek wooden handrails run along both sides of the staircase. A bare brick wall is to the right and painted white wall is to the left. The stairs curl down to the left and we can just about see one of the ornate windows into the Corn Exchange in the distance. The floor above has warm grey-brown barriers over the staircase, with bare brick walls on the main walls and warm lighting in set in the white ceiling.

Make a grand entrance wherever you go. 

Inside the dressing rooms. Five classic dressing room mirrors line the wall on the left with industrial-style lightbulbs framing them. The vanity top is a dark wood which runs along the length of the mirrors also. There are a couple of chairs tucked under the vanity and a window at the back of the room with brown curtains drawn. The room is dark and lit by the vanity lightbulbs. The floor is carpeted in warm brown.

A peek behind the curtain in the spruced-up dressing rooms. 

Internal space on the first floor in the new venue where different corridors and would-be exterior walls meet. The exterior bare-brick wall to the left has four windows running up it and a door leading into another part of the venue. The would-be oustide space is roofed with glass windows where natural light lights up the right hand wall (painted white) with gold embossed lettering running down it. The lettering says: Thank You, and underneath are listed various donors etc. The corner runs down to the floor below and this is cornered off with a warm-grey barrier/ hand rail. The floor of this level is paneled in light-wood.

Every corner has a story to tell... 

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