A sneak peek at what's in store for Duckie's globalised clubland Border Force

22 Jun 2015

Join Duckie for Border Force at Brighton Dome on Sat 2 Aug and experience a globalised clubland where we confront xenophobia, challenge the drag of national identity and promote freedom of movement. 

We've pulled together a sneak peek of what to expect on the night!

First arrive on the night to receive your Duckie Passport and visit either...

But once you've got in you'll have to get a visa if you want to travel by visiting one of our embassies...

To get a visa to 'China'
Beat a ping pong champion at table tennis, then drink snake wine and tsingtao, taste lo mein, watch pandas doing t’ai chi and sample fan dancing

To get a visa to 'India'
Pass a spelling bee contest then drink lassi and kingfisher, taste tarka dhal and poppadoms, watch kathak and enjoy bollywood starlets

To get a visa to 'Russia'
Ride on a horse barechested like Putin then drink vodka and baltika, taste smoked salmon blinis, watch oligarchs ski-ing and admire the finest ballet

To get a visa to 'Brazil'
Have a Brazilian then drink caipirinhas and brahmas, taste tropical fruit salad, watch samba-de-gafieira and play football on the beach

With Amy Lamé as the Prime Minister & Dickie Beau as the Queen of the Duckie world!

Dress code, travel fashion: beach bum, business exec, expat, hetero holidaymaker, hitchhiker, pirate, trolly dolly, sex tourist, budgie smuggler

Check out Duckie's set designs here

Designs by Simon Kenny

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